Singapore's Largest Virtual Property & Finance Event for LGBTQ+ Community


23 Oct 2021, Sat • 10am - 7pm

Adulting is hard

Join us for a day of talks and panel discussions with experts from the property, finance and legal sectors who bring with them a wealth of knowledge and experience, and are keenly aware of the issues faced by the LGBTQ+ community when it comes to navigating the adulting pathway.

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Property Hall


10:00 • 45mins

Renting 101 • Keynote

By Shaun Yeo, Real Estate, Prident & Lam Pak Nian, Legal, Prident

• Current rental trends, and the possible challenges you may face along the way, such as discrimination.

• Taking the first step: How to find that safe space without fear of discrimination.

• Budgeting how much to set aside for rental per month.

11:30 • 40mins

Think Before You Move • Panel

Shan Menon, Lead Volunteer, The T Project • Jean Chong, Volunteer, Sayoni • Ching S, LGBT Landlord, Katong Queers • Moderated By Cally Cheung, Co-founder, Prout

Let’s get real – why do you really want to move out?

When push comes to shove: When to get out of a toxic environment.

Where can members of the LGBTQ+ community turn to for financial aid?

Co-living for LGBTQ+: What it’s all about and finding a supportive living environment. 

13:00 • 45mins

Going the HDB Way • Keynote

By William Tan, Real Estate, Prident

The HDB Single Singapore Citizen Scheme & Joint Singles Scheme and what it entails.

The BTO or resale route? Pros and cons of each.

Buying an HDB home for retirement.

14:30 • 40mins

So happy together: Setting up a home with your partner • Panel

Dr Soon, Clinical Psychologist, Thrive Family Polly & Caroline, LGBT Couple & New Homeowners Bozy Lu, Litigation and Dispute Resolution PractitionerModerated By Cally Cheung, Co-founder, Prout

The legal implications of buying a home together.

What happens when things don’t work out? The legal aspect of breaking up.

How to better manage building a life together and steps to take towards that happily ever after.

16:00 • 45mins

Going the Private Way • Keynote

By William Tan, Real Estate, Prident & Alan Tan, Senior Associate, Wee Swee Teow LLP

How much do you need to enter the  private property market?

Challenges for LGBTQ+ when buying private vs the straight counterparts.

Private property options for permanent residents and foreigners.

Financing options and legal issues that come with owning a private property.

17:30 • 40mins

Scaling the Home Ownership Ladder • Panel

Claudia P, Private Homeowner Zuby Eusofe, HDB Homeowner Clarence & Brian, Long-Term Tenants • William Tan, Real Estate, Prident • Moderated By Cally Cheung, Co-founder, Prout

Hear from our panel of experts who have made it up the home ownership ladder:

What they did and what worked for them

What didn’t work for them

• Their advice for you

Finance & Legal Hall

Cents & Sensibility

10:30 • 45mins

Being LGBTQ+ & Misconceptions of Insurance • Keynote

By Kelvyn Choo, Finance, Prident & Corin Seah, Finance, Prident

Type of insurance – Personal & employee benefits. Is there a need for both?

• Common misconceptions about insurance

• Recommendations for the LGBTQ+ financial portfolio

Common concerns and how to solve them

12:00 • 40mins

Navigating Money as Dinner Conversation For Couples • Panel

Theresa & Kethlyn, LGBT Couple • Yu Siang, Senior Product Designer, Rakuten Viki • Moderated by Tham Wan Yi & Corin Seah, Finance, Prident

Ways to find the appropriate moment to talk about finances together

Tips on asking the important questions – Managing the discussion on short term and long term goals

Why sexual orientation and gender identity matter in financial planning

Coming out to your consultant safely and important considerations if you are unable to

13:30 • 40mins

The New Queer Entrepreneur • Panel

Manda Foo, Founder, Bollywood Adventures • Vivian Eng, Founder, Vivo Kinetics • Yu Sheng, Founder, Heckin’ Unicorn • Prashant S, General Manager, The Projector • Moderated by Kelvyn Choo & Tham Wan Yi, Finance, Prident

Mindsets and environments to build and set up

Balancing business needs and values

Tips on being a queer entrepreneur in Singapore

Suitability of the entrepreneurship lifestyle

15:00 • 45mins

Making Sense of Insurances for Your Home • Keynote

By Corin Seah, Finance, Prident & Jie Bin, Finance, Prident

Home insurances – What are the key things to look out for in the policy wording?

Which kind(s) make sense for various groups of people with different requirements

Explaining the differences between private and HDB property insurance

16:30 • 45mins

Trusts and Estate Planning Basics • Keynote

By Jie Bin, Finance, Prident & Lam Pak Nian, Legal, Prident

The probate process: The default setting in Singapore if we fall sick and when we pass. What’s sufficient?

Nominations, wills and trusts – Figuring out what suits you

Setting up a trust and how it can be especially helpful for the LGBTQ+ community

Advance Medical Directive and Lasting Power(s) of Attorney – Setting these up can be very simple

18:00 • 40mins

Retirement Planning from Different Angles • Panel

Cassandra, PhD Candidate • James T, Startup Founder • Victoria Au, VP of Strategy & Growth • Earl Trevor Allan, Director • Tham Wan Yi, Finance, Prident Moderated by Jie Bin, Finance, Prident

Visualising retirement – it is not just about charts!

Common concerns from the LGBTQ+ community in Singapore

Making good estimates as an individual and as a family

Thinking big, starting small

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